Essay on female infanticide and foeticide

Students are generally get this topic to discuss or write some paragraphs or complete essay in their schools. Assessment of the status of women regarding female mortality, sex ratio, literacy and economic participation should be done on regular interval of time.

It is the birth rights of the women to get equal value to the men in the society. Thirty-five participants attended the training programme. According to the census, all 35 states and union territories of India reported an improvement in literacy rates from Female foeticide and even any sex determination test is illegal in India.

The parents of the girl child do not realise that they will have to make equal efforts in rearing and settling their child irrespective of gender. Article on Female Foeticide 2 words Female foeticide is a crime against women as it debars them to take birth.

They are much better than men to deal with certain problems in the society. The low status of women and girls is due to cultural beliefs and the material cost they represent to their families. Twenty-one participants attended the orientation training.

In all Forty-four participants attended these training programmes. Female Foeticide Essay 1 words Female foeticide is in practice in India from the time of advent of technological advancements in medical field like prenatal sex determination in the s.

If we want to make our country a developed country, first of all it is very necessary to empower women by the efforts of men, government, laws and women too. Forty-eight participants attended the training programme.

Generally, in urban areas too, things are not different on the ground. Social discrimination and the preference for sons have given rise to the rate of social sex determination.

Gender Inequality in India

They also subscribe to the notion that only when funeral rites are performed by a son that the deceased attains salvation.

One, the practice of murdering a fetus and two, the selective practice of gender discrimination. It is only in the long run that the acute and scary consequences would start showing themselves.

God is the author of life and nobody should have the right to take it. Thus the system of female foeticide started with much zeal and reached to an extent where there was just one girl for boys in a region.

Female Foeticide Essay 2 words Female foeticide is the removal of healthy female foetus after 18 weeks of gestation from the mother uterus just because the child is female. The northern states are at a higher risk of low and skewed female sex ratio.

Addressing the Issue and the Way Forward. Keep the conclusion of your essay short yet meaningful. The Executive Council approved the Annual Report of the Institute for the year and Work Plan and pondered upon various other agenda items.

Fortunately, a growing number of medical practitioners have now rallied themselves against the sex selective abortions. Women need fresh and more capable environment so that they can take their own right decisions in every area whether for themselves, family, society or country.

And one should be surely punished if found guilty for this cruel practice. Orientation training on Supportive Interventions for Children with Learning and Behavioural Problems was organized at Regional Centre, Guwahati from February, with the main objectives to: Fifty-one participants attended the camp.

Twenty-three participants attended the training. Socio-political rights right to work, right to education, right to decide for themselves, etc for the women were completely restricted by the male members of family. There is a misconception in the society that boys are always look after their parents however girls are to left them away.

It soon was not favoured by the British, and the women were branded as prostitutes to defame them. Women around the world have proved that they are equally strong and qualified for every task in the world.

Women Empowerment Essay

Thirty-four participants attended the workshop. Today women are grabbing the opportunities to become successful but what about those innocent girls who could not even get the opportunity to live?.

Female Infanticide. For 50 years, fromfewer and fewer girls were allowed to be born in India. This situation, what I refer to as gendered arrangement, is old and commonly misunderstood.

Female foeticide takes place when a foetus is aborted after it is determined to be female. Under this illegal practice, the sex of the unborn child is determined by using the technique of ultrasound and if it happens to be a female foetus, it is aborted through medicine or surgery.

Female Foeticide Essay FEMALE FOETICIDE INTRODUCTION: Contemporary Indian society professes a profound faith in every individual’s “right to life and dignity”. The rights relating to the weaker & vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women, and more specially the girl child were violated.

Female foeticide is the illegal practice of killing a foetus which is determined as a female. Female foeticide is prevalent in our country as a major social evil.

The patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women. Essay on “Female Foeticide” in India ( Words) Short Essay on “Female Foeticide and. Female Foeticide Infanticide Essay Causes Impact & Prevenstion, Speech, Quotes, Slogan Essay On Female Foeticide Infanticide Introduction.

Female foeticide is a process of killing a female. A tawaif was a highly sophisticated courtesan who catered to the nobility of India, particularly during the Mughal era.

The tawaifs excelled in and contributed to music, dance (), theatre, and the Urdu literary tradition, and were considered an authority on lookbeyondthelook.coms were largely a North Indian institution central to Mughal court culture from the 16th century onwards and became even.

Essay on female infanticide and foeticide
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Gender Inequality in India - Concept, Causes and Types